Player Profile: Introducing Kai

Name: Kai

Position: Right or Left Wing

Favorite Soccer Team: Barcelona

Favorite Soccer Player: Neymar Jr.

Favorite Quote: Just do it!

Why do you play soccer?
Because it is fun, I have been playing for years and it has me hooked!

What does being a Ranger mean to you?
Being a Ranger has made me feel like I can do more.  It makes me feel like I am a better player.  I know that I improve with each season, and it just means a lot to me.

What does being part of a team and this team mean to you?
It means that I know someone always has my back when we are in a game or at practice.  I know that I can count on my team to help me out.

Why are you excited about traveling to Barcelona?
I am excited to get to watch the Barcelona game, seeing my favorite team play.  I am also excited to play Spanish teams, it will probably be a whole other level of difficulty.

Are you nervous about traveling to Barcelona?
I am nervous about playing the teams from Spain…. excited and nervous.   We will be in a new place we have never been before, playing teams that are really good.

What makes you the soccer player that you are?
All the coaches that I’ve had so far, and my mom and dad who are always supporting me.

Who has influenced you the most in your sport?
The game inspires me, it is just so fun!  My dad has really influenced me to keep playing by giving me pointers an helping me improve.

What pushes you to play harder?
The different teams we play, because if we lose a game we know we have to step it up.  So that pushes me to play harder and be a better soccer player.

What pumps you up before a soccer game?
Playing against friends and players I know well gets me pumped up because I want to win.

What is something unique that not everyone may know about you?
Rubik’s Cube is a passion of mine. I am always trying to improve my speed and time just like in soccer.


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