Player Profile: Get to Know Owen

Name: Owen

Position: Holding Mid

Favorite Soccer Team: Real Madrid

Favorite Soccer Player: Ronaldo

Favorite Quote: Your love makes me strong.  Your hate makes me unstoppable.- Ronaldo

Why do you play soccer?
I play soccer because it is my passion and I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have it.

What does being a Ranger mean to you?
Being a Ranger means that you are part of a much larger family, we all want to show who we are and what our team can do. When we travel outside of Bellingham, people know we represent Bellingham.

What does being part of a team and this team mean to you?
Being part of this team is like you are part of a family and a ton of amazing players and people and players.  You can always count on your teammates to back you up whether it’s on the field or not. They are always there for you and you are there for them.

Why are you excited about traveling to Barcelona?
I am excited about the chance to experience soccer in a different country, and maybe a different style of soccer.

Are you nervous about traveling to Barcelona?
I am nervous about playing against other clubs not knowing what they can do.

What makes you the soccer player that you are?
I guess what makes me the soccer player that I am is the mindset that you can do anything you want if you keep practicing and I am always trying to do my best wherever I go.

Who has influenced you the most in your sport?
My parents have influenced me the most because they have always supported me on every team I am on. Also, wherever we travel they will be there for me.

What pushes you to play harder?
The thought that makes me push myself is that you are never done getting better or practicing.  You can always improve your play as an individual and a team player.

What pumps you up before a soccer game?
I visualize playing against that team and having it be a close game where we win. That lets me know that I can’t get my ego up or else we will lose.  It also lets me know that I have to try my best and work hard every minute I am in.

What is something unique that not everyone may know about you?
When I started taking my first step, my dad put a soccer ball in front of my feet.


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