Gladstone Debuts at Boundary Bay Brewery

The team is so grateful to be offering live entertainment at the Boundary Bay event on March 24th thanks to the newly formed band, Gladstone. We caught up with one of the band members to learn a little about them and where they draw their inspiration from.

Who is Gladstone, as in who is in the band and what do you each do? Gladstone’s member’s are Luke Brandon on guitar/vocals, Ron Pai also on guitar/vocals, Rayna Brandon on vocals, Jake Wiebusch on bass and Tyler Newberg on drums.  Luke is a Lieutenant with the State Patrol,  Ron is a worship pastor at Cornwall Church, Rayna works as a reading specialist/teacher for the Bellingham School District, Jake works for Whatcom County District Court Probation and Tyler works for Cascade Dalfo.

When did you first start playing together? Gladstone was actually formed just this year.  Luke and Rayna (husband/wife) had been playing many of our chosen songs for the past few years in the Olympia area.  They recently moved back to the Bellingham area, and the rest of us have joined in for the excitement.

What prompted you all to start a band? Over the past 20 years, many of us have played together in different bands, odd ball events and primarily at church, playing worship music.  This is actually the first time we have all come together (this specific group) to play modern cover tunes.  When Luke and Rayna returned after being out of the area the past 15 years, the rest of us couldn’t resist to join them and create what is now Gladstone.

What type of music do you play and why? How are you building your repertoire? This is the fun part, because we can just pick songs that we love and make them our own.  We all have different taste of music so each of us bring a few songs to the mix, try them out and either toss them or roll with it.  We also each have our own “styles” we play. Those style have really been blending together naturally and making a cool vibe as we put together a song.  Our cover songs range from John Mayer and Zac Brown to Stevie Wonder and Prince.

What’s been your favorite gig? Well, this is actually Gladstone’s first gig as a group.  So we are very excited! 🙂

Anything else you’d like to share? Our common bond is our love for Jesus. While we have tons of fun playing this music, nothing truly brings us more joy then serving our Lord and Savior.  This band has given us an excuse to get together, hang out, have fun, be creative and grow together while using the gifts God has given us.


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