Player Profile: Introducing Kylar

Name: Kylar

Position: Striker/Winger

Favorite Soccer Team: Arsenal

Favorite Soccer Player: Alex Sanchez

Favorite Quote:  

There will be no obstacles.
There will be no doubters.
There will be mistakes.
But with hard work, there are no limits.

Why do you play soccer?
I play soccer because I love the adrenaline rush and the competitive aspect of the game!

What does being a Ranger mean to you?
Being 1 of 4 of the newest players, being a Ranger means a lot to be able to play with these highly capable players!

What does being part of a team and this team mean to you?
The level we are at now is awesome and our team is very good. So, being part of this team makes me more confident in myself.

Why are you excited about traveling to Barcelona?
I am excited to just get to Barcelona!  I am also excited to be there with my best friends and teammates and get to do something that I love!

Are you nervous about traveling to Barcelona?
When we travel to Barcelona, I am most nervous about being a long distance from my parents.

What makes you the soccer player that you are?
Losing makes me the soccer player that I am.  Losing just makes me want to win more.  All I do with my mistakes is learn from them.

Who has influenced you the most in your sport?
My Step Mom Sharon has influenced me most in my sport.  She played semi-pro in Canada and made a team in the woman’s Premier League.

What pushes you to play harder?
Making mistakes, my family, losing and my team pushes me to play harder.

What pumps you up before a soccer game?
My team and sometimes music pumps me up before a game.

What is something about yourself that not everyone may not know about you?
I always put my left shin guard in first.


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