500 for $5,000

Will Run for Soccer
500 for $5,000


I love my son and watching him and his team play soccer. I also love to run. It’s perfect then, combining two passions to raise money for the team to go to Barcelona this summer.

From April – June 2017, I’ll run a total of 500 miles to raise $5,000. Yep, 500 for $5,000! Think of it this way – just 500 people need to contribute $10, and the goal will be met. Of course, you’re welcome to give more. Will you join me with your donation?

Here are a few things to know:

  • This is a team fundraiser, so proceeds will be divvied up evenly among the players.

See below for Mileage Totals

April Mileage Tally

Thanks!   Cara Buckingham (Aiden’s Mom)