Kulshan Brewing Company Helping Flashback to 80’s

The Barcelona Bound Ranger Team is once again in awe of the community support from local businesses including Kulshan Brewing Co. which recently hosted a Pint Night to benefit our team and will also be sponsoring our upcoming 80’s Dance Party! We had the chance to catch up with Kulshan’s very own Paige Godfrey to learn more about the brewery’s many community events. Read on, then click here for your tickets to party on!

How long has Kulshan been hosting community events?

  • Kulshan has been hosting community events since 2013! As soon as we opened our doors, we made it a priority to play an active role in our community, partnering with local business and non-profit organizations, really focusing on outdoor preservation and recreation. 

How many events does Kulshan host and/or sponsor a year?

  • We host 12 pint nights per year, and participate as sponsor for about 10 recreational teams in Bellingham. With the many non-profits in the area, we do our best to provide as much support throughout the year as possible in the form of beer, swag and volunteered time.

Why is it important for Kulshan to be so active in community?

  • Our community is what allows us to survive! Kulshan has grown a significant amount over the past five years, and we attribute that to the loyal support of the Whatcom County community. With schools, sports, groups that preserve nature and love for animals, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to those who have nurtured us. 

What are some of the organizations that have benefited from your involvement, and do you know how much money is raised annually for local organizations through your sponsorship?

  • A few of the organizations that we work most closely with are Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, and Bellingham Youth Paddlesports. These two groups specifically benefit from our Greenwood IPA, which is on tap at both locations. This tropical IPA was named after the late Jon Greenwood, co-founder of Kulshan, amazing father, husband and friend to many. In honor of Jon, a portion of all pint sales of this special brew go directly to WMBC and BYPS. 

Is there anything that you would like to add?

We’re grateful to have hosted the Barcelona Bound Kids, and hope that our contribution to the team provides everyone with an equal opportunity to participate and travel overseas!

80’s Dance Party (and it’s just for adults!)

What does an 80’s Dance Party have to do with a bunch of 13 year old soccer players? Normally, absolutely nothing. EXCEPT that said party will benefit the boys’ trip to Barcelona this summer!

So get ready to step back in time when big hair, muscle shirts, neon and break dancing ruled and join us for a night of awesomeness!


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Friday, June 30 from 6pm – 11pm.

To buy tickets in advance, go to:

OR Pay at the door.

Either way, we guarantee it’ll be super fun!

Former Pro Player to Lead Training at May Soccer Clinic

We are so incredibly lucky to have Megan Manthey on board for this May’s soccer clinic. After a successful career playing professional soccer in Europe, Megan returned home to Whatcom County and opened Manthey Momentum Sports Performance Training LLC.  She brings her skills and knowledge through a program she designed called SAQ which stands for strength and conditioning, agility and quickness. She also offers private and group coaching and helps her athletes in other important areas like sports nutrition and hydration and goal-setting/mental conditioning.

The Whatcom Business Alliance did a great feature on Megan and Manthey Momentum. Click here for more information.

Registration for the May 21st Soccer Skills Clinic is open now for 6-10 yer olds. Please visit this page for more information and registration details.


Player Profile: Meet Collin

Name: Collin

Position: Goal Keeper

Favorite Soccer Team: Real Madrid

Favorite Soccer Player: Clint Dempsey

Favorite Quote: If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

 Why do you play soccer?
I play soccer to enjoy myself, get together with others and have fun.

What does being a Ranger mean to you?
It means being polite and courteous to people outside of the club, and to have a good attitude.

What does being part of a team and this team mean to you?
Being part of a team means working together to accomplish more.

Why are you excited about traveling to Barcelona?
I am most excited being able to watch a live soccer game.

Are you nervous about traveling to Barcelona?
I am most nervous about losing my belongings and getting lost.

What makes you the soccer player that you are?
I started playing soccer when I was three years old and have continued to develop a passion for playing.

Who has influenced you the most in your sport?
My father has influenced me most in soccer.

What pushes you to play harder?
Knowing that the better I do the farther the team will go pushes me to play harder.

What pumps you up before a soccer game?
The motivation to win pumps me up before a soccer game.

What is something funny that not everyone may know about you?
Once I was fishing and stepped on some stones to get deeper into the lake and cast out farther.  I fell into the lake and as soon as I did, I hooked a bite and wound up reeling in an eight inch fish!

Barcelona Bound at Boundary Bay

Looking for a fun party? We’ve got you covered!

When: Friday, March 24th from 5:30p – 9:30p

boundary-bay-breweryLive music by Gladstone – Check!
Food by Tacos El Tules Taco Truck – Check!
Boundary Bay Brews* – Check!
Special Performance by Bellingham Fire Fighers Pipes & Drums – Check!
Silent Auction – Check!
Door Prizes – Check!
Extras – Rubik’s Cube Challenge; Busking by players and family members

Sounds like a party to us!

Cost: $15 entry fee includes meal ticket and door prize drawing entry
— Children 3 and under Free
*Beer for purchase

We’ve got a great line-up of items for our silent auction and give-aways. Here’s a sneak peak!

Sounders tickets
Custom Jewelry by Adonia Cairns
4 tickets to  an International Friendly game
$50 Woods Coffee Gift Certificate
Facial from Spotless
Stella and Dot Jewelry ($785 worth!)
Chocolate and Wine Basket
2 WWU Premier Soccer Camp Tickets
$30 Gift Certificate Second Avenue Sports
Manthey Momentum Service
Sounders Swag
Garden Basket
Facial from Nine Skin and Lash Lounge
Haircut from Le Roux Salon
Wallet or Purse from Moss Bags
$50 Gift Certificates to Dick’s Sporting Goods
Game Basket
4 movie tickets
1 week Fircreek day camp
Technology Basket
Picnic Basket
Jake Locker signed canvas picture from Fortiph Insurance
Football Card pack from Joe’s Baseball cards and memorabilia in Fairhaven
Buffalo Wild Wings Vouchers

A thousand thanks for supporting this event!

boundary-combo_bellingham_green       pipe-and-drums-logo         gladstone-logo    tacos-el-tules sd_saralogobwdicks-sporting-goods         woods-coffee  


Player Profile: Get to Know Owen

Name: Owen

Position: Holding Mid

Favorite Soccer Team: Real Madrid

Favorite Soccer Player: Ronaldo

Favorite Quote: Your love makes me strong.  Your hate makes me unstoppable.- Ronaldo

Why do you play soccer?
I play soccer because it is my passion and I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have it.

What does being a Ranger mean to you?
Being a Ranger means that you are part of a much larger family, we all want to show who we are and what our team can do. When we travel outside of Bellingham, people know we represent Bellingham.

What does being part of a team and this team mean to you?
Being part of this team is like you are part of a family and a ton of amazing players and people and players.  You can always count on your teammates to back you up whether it’s on the field or not. They are always there for you and you are there for them.

Why are you excited about traveling to Barcelona?
I am excited about the chance to experience soccer in a different country, and maybe a different style of soccer.

Are you nervous about traveling to Barcelona?
I am nervous about playing against other clubs not knowing what they can do.

What makes you the soccer player that you are?
I guess what makes me the soccer player that I am is the mindset that you can do anything you want if you keep practicing and I am always trying to do my best wherever I go.

Who has influenced you the most in your sport?
My parents have influenced me the most because they have always supported me on every team I am on. Also, wherever we travel they will be there for me.

What pushes you to play harder?
The thought that makes me push myself is that you are never done getting better or practicing.  You can always improve your play as an individual and a team player.

What pumps you up before a soccer game?
I visualize playing against that team and having it be a close game where we win. That lets me know that I can’t get my ego up or else we will lose.  It also lets me know that I have to try my best and work hard every minute I am in.

What is something unique that not everyone may know about you?
When I started taking my first step, my dad put a soccer ball in front of my feet.

A Very Big Thank You!

This trip would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. We’ve dedicated a special thank you page for everyone that’s contributed to our boys to-date. You are the best!

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Aileen Walton Kerri and  Harrison’s
Alexis Cammack Kim Peterson
Amber Asbjornsen Kirsten and Michael  Barr
Amber Brown Kurt & Linda Denadle
Amber Itle Kurt and Lisa Gyllenberg Nabefeld
Amy  Jensen Kyra Langhelm
Andy & Kara Irvin Larin Swiackey
Angela Baupain Larry McDevitt
Angela Terry Lauren Longo
Archer Ale House- Steve & Alicia Demaria Linda Erikson
Aurthur and Helene Fellows Linda Rabener
Bauer Family Liz and Marc Weinstein
Belcher Swanson Law Firm-Scot Swanson Lynn and Marnie Hackelman
Bellingham Millwork Supply-Dick & Peggy Campbell Marice and Jeff  Thran
Beth and Bo McGinty Martin and Emmanuelle Meade
Bill and Sharece Steinkamp Mavis Brandt
Bob & Melissa Aslan McCormick Family
Boulos Family Michael & Devin Koenon
Boyle Family Michael and Jeny Owens
Brandon Weeda Michele Foster
Brenda Henoch Mike & Michelle Fry
Brian Weeda Mike & Teresa Shikany
Bring Family Miller Family
Carla Moore Mitchell Family
Carmichael Family Moceri Construction – Elke Stevens
Cholvin Family Molly Hayes
Chris and Gretchen  Howard Molly Soltero
Chris and Kate Newell Mona Haines
Clark & Jackie Bourghalt Ng Family
Cromer Family Norman Family
Crystal Pearson Ostendorff Family
Debbie Gann Pat & Shelly Simons
Debra Schwulst Paul & Kym Twedt
Dillon and Laura  Cardinal-Hicks Paul and Marcie Pittman
Doug and Debbie Brown Penny Van Buren
Eileen Byrne Peter & Lydia Ahn
Eileen Byrne Robin Wilson
Emerson Family Sail Electric- Reid & Shawn Barton
Eric and Dana Ferrier Sam Dang
Eric Williams Sara Larson-Cooper-Gilmore
Erica and Chris Gerston Schmidt Orthodontics
Fortiphi, LLC- Jay Ebert Shad and Michelle  Malone
Gary Smith Shannon  Sampson
Goode Family Shari and Lew Nelson
Heather Calloway Shelby and Matt Ziels
Holly Swanson Sheresha and Skyar Smith
James & Susan Everett Sherry Patrick
Jamie and Dan Liden Shirley Shanks
Jason and Jackie  Lind State Farm at Barkley Village -Tracy
Jeff annd Michelle Jacobs Steve & Keri Snodgrass
Jen Freeman Straight Family
Jen Haller & Shay Smith Susan and Vincent Landi
Jen  Gallant Tayla Gillespie
Jenny Honrud Terrel Family
Jerry & Katy James The Fork Restaurant
Jessica West The Laroques
Jill Conner The Massey Family
Jillian Johnson The Rodger’s
Jim and Kirke Hestad’s The Wrights
Jo Williams Tom Dorr
Joanne Decker Toni Bond
Josh & Katie Kavulla Tracie Cyr
Joy and Adam Nelsons Trapman Family
Julie and Dean  Hall VanEpps Family
Julie Rofkar Verna and Cappy Buckingham
Karen Drafs Wendy Porter
Kathy & Scott Lathrop Zach & Kelly Stinson
Katrina and Sean Lyon

We are Barcelona Bound!

The Team

We are a group of boys from Bellingham, Washington who love to play soccer together. So when Coach Ian asked if we would be interested in traveling to Barcelona next summer to play, we answered with a resounding, ‘yes!”. Ok. First, our parents had to say ‘yes’, and thankfully they did.

We can’t wait to go, but in the meantime we will be working hard to raise funds for our trip. We’d like to give special thanks to the businesses and individuals that have already committed to helping us reach our goals, and we hope you will consider joining them. Thank you!