Kulshan Brewing Company Helping Flashback to 80’s

The Barcelona Bound Ranger Team is once again in awe of the community support from local businesses including Kulshan Brewing Co. which recently hosted a Pint Night to benefit our team and will also be sponsoring our upcoming 80’s Dance Party! We had the chance to catch up with Kulshan’s very own Paige Godfrey to learn more about the brewery’s many community events. Read on, then click here for your tickets to party on!

How long has Kulshan been hosting community events?

  • Kulshan has been hosting community events since 2013! As soon as we opened our doors, we made it a priority to play an active role in our community, partnering with local business and non-profit organizations, really focusing on outdoor preservation and recreation. 

How many events does Kulshan host and/or sponsor a year?

  • We host 12 pint nights per year, and participate as sponsor for about 10 recreational teams in Bellingham. With the many non-profits in the area, we do our best to provide as much support throughout the year as possible in the form of beer, swag and volunteered time.

Why is it important for Kulshan to be so active in community?

  • Our community is what allows us to survive! Kulshan has grown a significant amount over the past five years, and we attribute that to the loyal support of the Whatcom County community. With schools, sports, groups that preserve nature and love for animals, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to those who have nurtured us. 

What are some of the organizations that have benefited from your involvement, and do you know how much money is raised annually for local organizations through your sponsorship?

  • A few of the organizations that we work most closely with are Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, and Bellingham Youth Paddlesports. These two groups specifically benefit from our Greenwood IPA, which is on tap at both locations. This tropical IPA was named after the late Jon Greenwood, co-founder of Kulshan, amazing father, husband and friend to many. In honor of Jon, a portion of all pint sales of this special brew go directly to WMBC and BYPS. 

Is there anything that you would like to add?

We’re grateful to have hosted the Barcelona Bound Kids, and hope that our contribution to the team provides everyone with an equal opportunity to participate and travel overseas!

Boundary Bay Brewery Community Support Runs Deep

It is safe to say that one of the reasons people love to live here is the amazing amount of community support offered by area businesses. Boundary Bay Brewery is no exception! The team is super excited about the upcoming party and fundraiser we’re holding there on Friday, March 24th – open to anyone who likes good music, good food (and beer of course) and a fun crowd. And we couldn’t have done it without the brewery’s support. Here are just a few tidbits about Boundary Bay Brewery’s history of community giving.

How long has Boundary Bay been open?
Since September 16th, 1995.

When did Boundary Bay start offering to host community events in support of local groups and what spurred the decision?
Having Boundary be a part of the community and support local organizations was a part of Ed’s business plan from the very beginning! The first fundraiser was in 1996, shortly after opening, and was a benefit for Amnesty International.

How many community events has Boundary Bay hosted overall?
That’s a tough one! With 20 years of community events, it’s tough to try and count them all. The numbers have grown every year, and in 2016 we hosted 345 events on our property. That is everything from music shows to non-profit fundraisers and community meetings.

What has Boundary Bay’s financial contribution to the community been through hosting events?
Again, this is a tough one to answer. A large piece of our support is offering a free and accessible venue to organizations. In a time of economic uncertainty and decreased government funding, having access to a free venue helps lend a safe haven to build from. Whether it be awareness or fundraising, countless organizations have been offered a space to build their non-profit.

How much do you estimate Boundary Bay community events has helped raised in support of participating organizations over the years?
With such a large amount of organizations using our space, we don’t really receive a lot of information from the organizers regarding how much they were able to raise. However, we do have one example of an incredible event that continues to grow ever year: April Brews Day, a fundraiser for Max Higbee Center. 16 years ago, Boundary Bay Brewery worked directly with the center to develop this beer festival, and has continued to support them through staff support, venue access and so much more. Now, 16 years later, their event raises over $90,000 for their agency.

Janet & Ed, Boundary Bay Brewery Owners


So come one, come all to the Barcelona Bound at Boundary Bay Brewery Bash! You’ll not only be supporting our team, you’ll also be giving back to a business that has provided so much to so many over the years.